Taxidermy is currently undergoing a massive revival and overhaul. The Victorian era has been taxidermy’s golden age. It is a period that’s marked by the fascination of stuffing and hanging the skins of dead animals, maybe because Queen Victoria is a famous stuffed bird collector. 

There are many stores that are known to be avid supporters of taxidermy, such as Deyrolle, which is an emporium in Paris and the Whiskers Bar in London. Taxidermy is also the featured subject in Damien Hirst’s 1990 paintings and Alexander McQueen’s 2001 spring and summer collection. Perhaps the most popular taxidermist is Polly Morgan, an artist based in London who created works of art selling more than $30,000. 

Taxidermy Today    

But now, a new breed of young and ethically minded taxidermists has come to the fore. Most of them believes that killing for taxidermy is not ethical. Instead, they turned taxidermy into a craft instead of a hunt. Basically, they have removed the concept of hunting in the modern taxidermy process.  

Ethical taxidermists are slowly being known all over the world, with their works exhibited at famous galleries. These taxidermists only work on animals that have died due to natural causes or accidents. They don’t go out and hunt for animals only to preserve their skin.  

The Art of Taxidermy 

Unfortunately, taxidermy isnt treated with the same respect as other crafts. Taxidermists are rarely identified with their works. Worse, they are forgotten altogether. Challenging the culture behind taxidermy doesn’t help either. Even so, taxidermy is an important part of humanity’s cultural heritage. The application of taxidermy in contemporary art hopes to change the norm. 

Right now, there’s a manual to ethical taxidermy. It’s a book written by modern day taxidermists themselves. The manual touches on the boundaries of traditional taxidermy and how it can be pushed to further enhance the craft to benefit everybody interested.   

Consulting with Taxidermist 

There are still many applications of taxidermy in today’s modern world. In fact, if you’re looking for talented taxidermist for whatever reason, there are professionals whom you can contact, such as the experts in taxidermy Boise Idaho. Consulting with them could make things easier on your part, as you’ll not just find a qualified professional to handle the project you have in mind, but you’ll also be educated on what taxidermy generally is.  

Just be sure that you’re doing a thorough background check on the professional that you’ll be working with. It is highly recommended that you consult with ethical taxidermists because their works aren’t just excellent, but they’re also breaking free of the norm, which is good for the ecosystem.  

In this day and age where the world is threatened by environmental issues left and right, it makes sense to follow how ethical taxidermists do their job instead of doing it the traditional way. While that is a bolder take on things, it is very courageous and forward-thinking. If you need help with taxidermy, you may also seek some journals and printed materials also published online to further broaden your ideas about the subject matter.