Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. That’s applicable to stress, which is what people encounter on a daily basis. For example, most people find the cycle of the year-end holidays to be very stressful, although it is supposed to a time of joy and celebration. It’s because, during such time, people are often faced with high and unrealistic expectations. 

Survey shows that more than 80% of the people who are asked stated that the holiday season is something that stresses them out in one way or the other. The problems associated with the holidays include increases in transit and traffic delays; too many parties, social gatherings, and family time; gift buying; increased sweets and alcohol intake; and too many cards and notes to write, among others. 

How to Deal with Holiday Stress 

Hypnotherapy can be used in a number of ways to improve one’s quality of life. Using it to alleviate holiday stress is just one of its many benefits. You don’t even have to schedule a session with an expert in hypnotic Las Vegas. There are some things that you can do on your own so you can disrupt tension and anxiety. 

For starters, inhaling deeply for short moments is very helpful. Inhale and exhale for about 3 seconds and you’ll immediately feel that effects of that. As you’re slowing breathing out, think or say out loud the word calm. Inhale and hold back deeply for 3 seconds and feel the effect.  

Alternatively, you can think about things that relax your mind and body. Continue slowly inhaling and holding back your breath for 3 seconds. Keep on doing it until you feel all the tension leaving your body. This simple technique won’t take you more than 30 seconds. But if you’re really stressed out, doing it for two minutes is recommended. 

The Effect of Self-Hypnosis 

The simple technique above is an example of self-hypnosis. It applies to any stressful situations that you encounter to strengthen your ability to cope with stress. Doing it regularly will help you cope with all the various stressors of your life, not just with the holiday season. You may also use your own words to express further what you like to achieve.  

True enough, here are more ways to deal with holiday stress. Preparing for it longer than you’re accustomed allows you more time to handle everything instead of rushing up on all tasks on the weekend before. Take a few minutes from your busy day to write down what you can do. Creating lists will help you decide what tasks matter more than others. 

Other Ways to Handle Holiday Stress 

To ease the financial burden of the holidays, create a gift plan that fits your own preferences in order to avoid excessive credit card balance accumulation. As for social interactions, practice assertive contact in order for you to say no diplomatically to parties that you don’t like or can’t attend in. Enforce your own boundaries of social involvement or interaction. If all else fails, there are hypnotherapy experts who can always help you out.